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Save your money. Enjoy your trip

I think travelling is a bless and every single AEGEEan loves it so it would be nice to know some tips about it.
According to some researches, the best time for booking domestic flights is 2-3 weeks in advance and the best time for booking international flights is 5-6 months in advance before your journey.Usually it’s better to book them during the beginning of the week so the trip that you planned last friday night while you were partying with your friends maybe was not the best idea. If you care more about your pocket than your destination, many websites such as and skyscanner give you the opportunity to search “from/to” anywhere and “the cheapest dates” in order to see the best deals.

Nowadays you can use low-cost airlines for most of your travels but even if it takes some hours more buses are often a cheap option. Thanks to AEGEE you have also 4 discounts of 10% per month with Flixbus.
Have you ever considered that night train are the best combo to get transport…
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Be SUstainable: The hitchhiker's guide to the best Summer of your life

We all love travelling, discovering new places, having new experiences...and taking part of the Summer University Project is an option to do it, and it has even more: Getting out from your comfort zone, meeting people all around Europe (and beyond), learning about other cultures and developing yourself. But, sometimes we don’t realise how much is affecting the earth some of our actions of travelling. And either way you are travelling for Summer University, or in the rest of your trips during the year, we would like to give you some tips and motivation to travel in a more sustainable way, because it is all of our responsibilities to give up of comfort to save our earth. 
How can I get around the different places? A very funny and a free way to travel from one city to another is doing hitchhike! Some people are afraid to do it, but following some tips, it’s really easy. First of all, is very important to go in pairs, both of you will be more safe. Sometimes it takes t…


When the board of AEGEE-Bilbao made the call for the organising team for the SU, they indicated that organising this event would be a unique experience in life and that it would make us grow as a team (and as a person). After organising “SSC: The Five SENSES of BILBAO” the only thing we can say is that it was true... ​and we learnt much more! 
The organization of this event has meant facing deadlines that, casually, coincided with exam periods, which made us organise ourselves better and manage the quality of the previous work. It has meant dealing with moments of big stress when we were tired. But, most importantly, it has meant enjoying a job well done and watching that the participants, not only having a great time, but also learning about our region and culture. Keep getting messages from the SU group chat, of participants with the “Ikurriña”, singing the song of “Mari Jaia” or watching how they export “Kalimotxo” to their hometown it’s something that not everyone gets to experienc…

Tourist vs SU Participant

“To travel is to live”, as the famous writer of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen once said.  But what is the true motive of travelling? Is it for fun? Is it for finding yourself? Is it for discovering new places? Is it to escape everyday life? We, as youngsters, we call ourselves travelers, dreamers and changemakers.

The Difference between a Traveler and a Summer University Participant

Of course, you should have heard the difference between a tourist and a traveler. But this article is not another article about it. Today, we will inform you about a 30 years category of travelling type, called the SUer. What moves young people from all over Europe to step out of their comfort zone, to quite a healthy sleep pattern and cozy beds and particularly what is a SUer?

The SUer travels in order to meet other people, people with whom they share common values. People from various parts of this globe. They're going to create stories, memories and experience true adventures together. And which …

The Impact of Youth Activism on Country Development

The Impact of Youth Activism on Country Development
As once put by Nelson Mandela: “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated”. Though the major part of the world population often states that obtaining higher education is a game-changer in one’s further life - there is another point of view which is drastically different from the aforementioned. Considering that education is not only about formal courses that everyone is well aware of but it also includes a non-formal part. Non-formal education is usually provided by a variety of organizations, in the form of training, conferences, summits or other events, and it can easily be available directly to the learner who will access it from the comfort of their home. The core difference between the formal and non-formal education is that the latter broadens one’s worldview and teaches what is often missed at official institutions. Many inhabitants who prefer non-formal learning sooner or later become youth activists. In …

6+1 Ways for the Perfect Motivation Letter

You wake up, stretch, get your backpack and go to chase the day, as a great young person that enjoys the moment. You go to work, school whatever your daily routine is about! At the end of the day, you get to realize that you get in the loop and loop over and over again. 
You want to get out of it. You check your city events for the next days and you find out about this Summer University thing.  So this summer, are you going to an SU? 6+1 Ways to Write a Convincing Motivation Letter
1. Be Concise Unlike school essays, a perfect motivation letter should be neither too long nor too short. Don’t make it short as if you already got bored of it, and at the same time, don't make it too long and get your readers to know the story of your life. Be precise and to the point!

2. Do Your Research
Do some research on the country/ies and cities your visiting. Locals' organisers are quite happy when they found out that their participants are not ignorant about their historical background. Also, le…

The Future Echo Behind The Screen

Echo, as a very basic acoustic term, refers to the reflection of sound arriving at the listener within a very short moment right after the direct sound. Besides being acoustic information, it will be that simple 4-letter word for us to facilitate the effect of being behind the screen for the professional environment.
When looking for a professional experience such as a job, internship or a master/doctorate, there are always hundreds, sometimes even thousands of candidates awaiting, like you! Academic pasts may be the same. Then, there are other specifications that are searched by departments to break the equalizer. It is, of course, not enough to have these qualities with you unless you know how to explain them.
If you are, at least once in your life, an organizer of SU, you are now a person behind the screen who controls an event with a team that brings the first point which is connected to others: Teamwork. Everyone can put this word onto their CVs, but what kind of teamwork you have …